CREATURES: real & imagined
Laurence Salzmann, in his 60-year uninterrupted career as a photographer and filmmaker, has accomplished long-term documentary projects in Colombia, Mexico, Peru, Romania, Turkey, Israel and U.S. His documentary works, nonetheless, radiate with painterly style images. In later part of his career, his adoption of abstract image making was inspired in part by forms in nature and man-made elements which he visually transformed into imaginary creatures.

This exhibit presents two sets of artwork: photographs by Laurence Salzmann (including their use in Blended Composites by James T. Rowland), with excerpts from the book "Several Weeks of Searching for a Lost Dog in Winter" by Han Salzmann, and etchings from collected works of  Holley Coulter Chirot, a dear friend, colleague and an internationally renowned American printmaker, graphic artist and painter.

In this exhibit both artists' "Imagined Creatures" are shown in tandem as they evoke underlining narratives and myths of personal nature.

Additional viewings by appointment, email
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A Preview of Laurence's Work<1/5>

A Preview of Laurence's Work<2/5>

A Preview of Laurence's Work<3/5>

A Preview of Laurence's Work<4/5>

A Preview of Laurence's Work<5/5>

A Preview of Holley's Work<1/5>

A Preview of Holley's Work<2/5>

A Preview of Holley's Work<3/5>

A Preview of Holley's Work<4/5>

A Preview of Holley's Work<5/5>