Lucha Con un Crocodilo / Fighting with a Crocodile

October 21-November 30, 2001

Lucha Con un Crocodilo /Fighting with a Crocodile Paintings by Cuba's Grupo Bayate includes paintings by artists: Roberto Torres Lameda, Luis "El Estudiante" Rodriguez, Luis Joaquin Rodriguez, Luis Alberto Villalon Rades, Richard Bruff Bruff and Angel Llopiz Martinez and Willy Adler.

The show takes it name from a painting by Luis "El Estudiante" Rodriguez.

The Crocodile is said to be symbolic of Cuba.

In writing about the works of the Grupo Bayate folk art historian Joan Pearlman wrote,

"The spark of appreciation for folk art has been ignited in Mella, a village in the southeastern part of Cuba. There, the Grupo Bayate - eight self-taught artists who have banded together for spiritual and economic support - has discovered that working together fits their needs both as artists and as modern Cubans."