Photo West Gallery
Mission Statement

Photo West Gallery is an exhibition space that offers Philadelphia area photographers an opportunity to engage diverse audiences by showing their work in a salon like setting. Its openings the second Friday of each month coincide with University City's Left of Center program. Exhibitions are intended to encourage lively and concentrated interactions where poets and performing artists are part of the mix to make photo openings a place where art boundaries are crossed. Teachers at local high schools are invited to bring their students on 2nd Fridays to meet the exhibiting artists and learn more about the works on display.

PhotoWest Gallery is just west of Drexel University and north of University of Pennsylvania, on the Lancaster Avenue edge of Powelton Village, a neighborhood rich in artists, performers, and residents engaged in Philadelphia's cultural and community life.

How shows come about:
  • Ideas for shows come from the Friends of the Gallery and from its director, Laurence Salzmann.
  • As a Philadelphia-based gallery we tend to favor local artists, but this is not a strict rule.
  • We favor shows that include works by 7-10 people; neither is this a strict rule.
  • We prefer shows that are organized around a theme.
  • As a photo gallery, we favor photography, but we do occasionally show non photographic work.
  • We encourage shows that promote community and social justice.
Rental of Photo West Gallery space
We are interested - as our schedule permits - in renting the gallery space or part of it to local groups or institutions that promote the arts in the Philadelphia area. Please submit in writing what your needs are and we will get back to you with potential availability and quote for the rental of the space.

We have none. Please contact PWG Director
Laurence Salzmann

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Friends of Photo West Gallery
Rather than a formal board of directors, we have a group of people who consider themselves Friends of Photo West Gallery. They act as consultants, advisors and organizers for the gallery - bringing together exhibitions and events at the gallery
and in other ways contributing to the life of the gallery and the community that it serves.
Robert Asman
Lenora Berson
Don Camp
Randy Dalton
Karen Faulkner
Jason Francisco
Theodore Harris
Bill Kelly
W. Keith McManus
Stephen Perloff
Ashley Peel Pinkham
Enrique Sacerio-GarÌ
Han Salzmann
John Schlesinger
Lamont Steptoe
Blaise Tobia
Ana Uribe