Cu Bine Si Cu Noroc
photographs by
Laurence Salzmann

A Child's Tale

Cu Bine si Cu Noroc! (Always with Luck!).
This show includes works from Salzmann's Last Jews of Radauti, La Baie/bath scenes series and photographs that depict a Romania of the nineteen-seventies.

Laurence Salzmann's extensive work in Romania started in 1974 as a Fulbright fellow. At that time he dedicated himself to study and photograph what remained of the Jewish community in Radauti, in Romania's Bukovina region. The town once had a thriving Jewish community of some 8,000 Jews in a population of 24,000. By the early 1970s the population had dwindled to a couple hundred people. Salzmann's photographic documentation was published under the title of The Last Jews of Radauti by Dial Doubleday, 1981, with a text by his wife Ayse Gürsan-Salzmann. A film entitled Song of Radauti is also available.

When Laurence Salzmann's extraordinary photographs of Radauti were first shown at the International Center of Photography in 1978, its director, Cornell Capa, hailed them as "a unique record...of great historical significance." Since then, these photographs have been shown at Beth Hatefutsoth Museum of the Jewish Diaspora in Tel Aviv and at many American universities and museums in the United States and Europe.

Installation photo of Cu Bine Si Cu Noroc