Cuba Now: Glimpses of Daily Life
October 2003
photo - Craig Barber
Photographs by:

Vincenzo Pietropaolo
Roy Llera
Craig Barber
Joe Guerriero
Elaine Ling
On the day of the opening of its new exhibit, Cuba Now: Glimpses of Everyday Life, Photo West Gallery looked professional, yet warm and intimate, with white, well-lit walls, a colorful floor, and a few carefully placed flourishing plants. Over the afternoon, more than (seventy) people viewed the show, often with some depth-closely observing the photographs, reading the curator's and photographers' statements and biographies, and leafing through other available books of the photographers' work. A crowd of 15-30 people was present consistently, as people lingered over mojitos and lively conversations with three of the photographers Elaine Ling, Craig Barber, and Joe Guerriero. Twice during the afternoon everyone gathered to hear a few words about the show from the curators, Bill Kelly and Ricardo Viera, and listen to some of the jazz and Cuban-inspired poetry of Frank Walsh.

Curated by Bill Kelly and consulting curator Ricardo Viera

Opening of Cuba Now exhibit at Photo West Gallery

Ricadro Viera

Frank Walsh