Garip: The Turkish Sheep Dog
Photographs by Laurence Salzmann
A unique artistís book, entitled My Life as A Dog, by Han Salzmann will be on display.
Blended Collages by James T. Rowland

Laurence Salzmann, Pew Fellow in Photography, 2001, will show photographs that combine images of work at the Gordion* excavation site with photographs of his Gordion-born Anatolian Sheep Dog, Garip. In Salzmannís photographs Garipó(deceased in June,2009), finally returns to his birthplace by digital super impostion. *Gordion, in Central Turkey, was the capital of the ancient Phrygian Kingdom, where the legendary Alexander cut the Gordion Knot.

PhotoWest Gallery, September 30
as part of Look On Lancaster 6 - 9 pm

PhotoWest Gallery, October 1-2 as part of Post 1 - 6 pm

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