Photo West Gallery
Philadelphia December 4-23, 2006

The book is sometimes called the first cousin of the photograph, and for good reason. Photographers have been making books since the very inception of the medium, and generations of photographers have regarded the book as a remarkable site of photographic possibility.

This exhibition presents photobooks by acclaimed photographers, artists and writers who live and work in the Philadelphia area: E.C. Adams, Jason Francisco, David Graham, Ayse Gürsan-Salzmann, Laurence Salzmann and Lamont B. Steptoe. Some of their books are purely visual, while others combine pictures and texts; some are in commercial release, while others are single examples. All the books in the exhibition actively explore the interdependency between images and stories, and the tactile and theatrical possibilities natural to the book form‹the dramatic event in silver and ink which is the photobook at its best.

OPENING RECEPTION: Friday, December 8th, 5-9pm

SPECIAL PROGRAM: On Sunday, December 17th from 2-4 pm, the photographers will participate in a panel discussion on the creative process particular to photographic book making, including how they understand the play of form and content that the book form allows relative to their own projects, how they understand their work in the long tradition of photographic book making, the particularities of the audience and marketplace for photographic books, and related concerns.

The discussant for the panel will be Ruth Ost, Director of the Honors Program and Professor of Religion and Women's Studies at Temple University. In addition to her writing, lecturing and teaching on art, photography, ritual and gender, she has organized exhibitions and symposia at Temple University and at the Strong Museum, Rochester, New York.

GALLERY HOURS: Saturday and Sunday noon-4pm Friday 6pm-8pm

Exhibition curated by Jason Francisco.