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Photographs by Laurence Salzmann

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Star Crossed Lovers.

Geography of the Heavens.

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Much in my life as a photographer has come about through serendipity including the vent series. In 1982, I returned from a year living with Transhumant Shepherds in Transylvania, Romania where an early on heart attack almost ended my life. An invitation to join friends for the opening of the Hershey Hotel in downtown Philadelphia on November 8, 1983 seemed like a good way to celebrate my still being alive.

On the way home from the event still spoofing one of us posed on a steam vent we had passed on our way. That first photo served as the inspiration for what would become my Vent Series.

I dedicate this book to the many people who posed for my Vents series. In particular, Mr. Blue (Randy Dalton), who helped me to find a secluded steam vent behind the University of Pennsylvania’s Palestra. Out of view and with a permission from Penn’s security office, I was able to photograph most times without being bothered by passing security patrols.

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