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Blue Flower

Aegean Blue<15/15>

Aegean Blue portrays a seascape in western Turkey where I began to capture forms of living organisms mingled with mute stones (2012) within the sea. Through the refraction of light and by forces of nature gentle winds, and movements of variegated fish these forms are transformed. Each moment brings a new abstract portrait of the living organisms, as they interact with each other.

What is exciting about this new work is that opens a small window of opportunity for me to create and interpret images that go beyond the pure documentary work for which I am best known.

The Aegean Blue series was inspired by questions of transience of life that one begins to contemplate when having reached a certain age or experienced a death. I have over the course of the last several years contemplated the questions that present themselves in the Blue Aegean series.

For example, my concerns with the intransience of things. How time and the elements work to create these changes both in nature and ourselves.

The Aegean Blue become in a sense a metaphor for ourselves as they represent in their continual transformation our own lives which each day are modified by the time clocks tied to our own DNA that determines like the wind and waters that wash over these underwater rocks how we change as we move along the life line that each of us has. Each day the cool waters that wash these stones and the schools of small fish that pass them by furtively blowing kisses creates still a further patina of change and transformation. These stories are revealed in the imagination of those viewing the finished photographs. Time tells all. What you see is what you imagine and therein lies the beauty of this new work.

Laurence Salzmann

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