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About Echele Ganas Traveling Show

The Echele Ganas show includes:

42 framed color prints (frame sizes are 19x19),
from the EcheleGanas* photographic series.

16 black and white images, (frame sizes are 11x14),
from Salzmann’s Tlaxcalan Sketches.**

3 DVD’s with videos with clips from both EcheleGanas and Talxcalan Sketches that can be played on monitors installed in gallery where work is shown.

*Echele Ganas photographs were made over the course of 6 years with many visits to villages of Mexico Sierra Norte de Puebla, whose sons and daughters Laurence had met in Philadelphia.

The remittances sent by people from this region working in the US has helped to improve the local economy and caused a building boom generating many needed jobs for those that stayed behind.

**These are photographs made by Salzmann in the village of Santa Isabel Xiloxoxtla, located on the lower slopes of the extinct Malinche Volcano and were made during the summer of 1969 when Salzmann lived in that village while participating in a summer field training program for anthropologist sponsored by the University of Pittsburgh.

Rental fee for show is: $1,400. For a period of up to 6 weeks.
Renter pays for shipping to and from Philadelphia.
Show can be shipped FED EX or by rail if there is AMTRAK at your location.

Show includes 20 complimentary copies of Salzmann’s Echele Ganas Book. These can be given out to people that might help you to sponsor this show at your location. The Book, which also includes a DVD, is normally sold for $30.

Signage and installation to be created at each site by hosting institution.

Salzmann can provide the design templates and layout mocks ups for show as it was presented at Philadelphia’s Magic Garden Museum in Spring of 2012.

Take a Virtual Tour of the Magic Gardens' show.

Salzmann is available for lecture and to screen his hour length film Echele Ganas.

An honorarium and his expenses would need to be paid.

For more information and details contact Laurence Salzmann.

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